An Award-Winning Synergistic Blend of 29 Enzymatically Alive Nutrient-Rich Foods that Deliver Optimum Energy and Superior Well-Being to every cell of the body.

GREENS+ is an affordable whole living food containing All-natural concentrated sources of organic vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, phtochemicals, co-enzymes, cell salts, chlorophyll, standardized herbal extracts, unique botanical extracts and soluble and insoluble plant fibers from high quality, nutrient-rich and alkaline-forming foods. This is the Superfood for everyone!

A natural choice for athletes seeking an edge, mature adults requiring vigor, busy housewives, students, those in stressful occupations, travellers, those who are fasting or detoxifying, people who are slimming and anyone in need of optimum energy and superior Well-Being.

Some of the daily benefits of GREENS+ are: Strengthens the Immune System, Increases Energy Naturally, Improves Mental Acuity, Gently Cleanses the Colon , Emulsifies and Metabolizes Fat and Restores a Healthy pH Balance to the Human Body.


Greens+ Bottle

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